Repair Stand Thoughts… The Do’s and Don’t

I just thought I would post my final thoughts about the stand after using it a couple of times.

Likes: Homemade (DIY), sense of accomplishment, sturdy, easy to use, works well for the money!, CHEAP!

Dislikes: Clamping the bike is difficult at times (getting everything positioned sometime requires 2 hands), still twists a bit (but what bike stand doesn’t), wood does swivel at times


-The bike stand is great for what I am looking to do (basic mechanics and repairs). As I get more into the mechanical work, I might have to upgrade but for now and most likely a while, this stand is great!

-For what ever reason, I am really getting a good sense of accomplishment out of this project. I could be because repair stand start a close to $100 and I made my whole thing for $35 all said and done. Maybe it is just that I liked the project more than anything, I am not really sure.

-The bike does wiggle a little bit in the stand but maybe some thicker (or another layer) of old bike tube could take care of that.

-The wood swiveling is sometimes annoying but in order to combat that, I drilled the holes closer in the second set of blocks I made (sorry I forgot to mention that in my second grip posting). This really is not anything major. I can easily find ways to work around it for 35 bucks!

Overall: Great stand for the money. If you are looking to do some basic to intermediate repairs and maintenance, this is an awesome stand for you! If you are looking to start a repair shop, might as well invest in a Parks Tool Co. stand…


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