Lessons… Part II

This morning I gave my second triathlon/swimming technique lesson. It went well… still couldn’t get that darn underwater camera working but at least I got video feedback in slow motion this time. I feel like I did a much better job of explaining what to do this time. Hooray! He also had quite the improvements and I think he now knows what he is suppose to be doing and now just has to put it into practice. Easier said than done, I know.



-Teaching is a lot harder than I thought.

-Patience is key- since my cameras we not working, I also had to apologize a couple of times about not having those working.

-I think I want to be a swim coach… After teaching him, I found it real easy to explain what he was doing wrong. Now if it was a swimmer with some experience (on a swim team previously) I feel like I could really get people going FAST and efficiently


A First…

This morning marked a first for me… giving a technique lesson to an amateur triathlete.

This proved to be a bit harder than I thought. I have a great knowledge of swimming seeing as I am a swimmer myself. I know the technique part and know it well but teaching it to a person is harder than it looks/appears. I made it through some technical difficulties with the camera (not a good first impression :/ ) but I believe that he knows that I am knowledgeable and know what I am talking about. Mixing my swimming experience with my knowledge of technique and exercise science and I am a coach in the making!

…Well maybe not quite but everyone has to start somewhere right?