DIY Roof Rack Fairing

I have started my DIY roof rack fairing after seeing that fairings cost $80+ for a piece of plastic. Its nuts! I know I can make one for cheaper

Tools List:

-Table Saw or Dremel

-Belt Sander or Dremel

-Torch (to heat up metal brackets)


-Pillars (2 pairs)

-Masking tape (only if using a table saw)

Parts List:

-Piece of plexiglass

-4″ L-shaped brackets (found in hardware isle of Home Depot) – 3 or 4 brackets

-Carriage Bolts

-Fender washers

-Nuts (non-locking)

-Strip of door trim plastic (or something to keep the bottom of the fairing from scratching the car) (found at AutoZone or O’Reilly’s)

First things first… I measured out how long I wanted the fairing (would have liked 40″ but the piece of plexiglass I bought was 36″ long so that will have to do). Next was to make a cardboard model of the fairing.

Note: this make take some trial and error in order to make this correct. Make sure this is just how you want it as this is what it will be shaped like!

Once the cardboard model is complete, trace that onto the plexiglass. Now cutting. If using a table saw, put two strips of masking tape (thinly overlapping) on the cut line (this will help prevent from cracking). Remember to cut slowly and TAKE YOUR TIME! Plexiglass is not cheap. Once cut into a square (if using table saw), slowly sand off the excess to get to desired shape (Just about to start doing this, this weekend)


For the brackets, take the L-brackets and place into vise then start heating the bend. This may take some time.. Once heated, take a pillars and bend/work the metal into desired angle. This again is trial and error to see what angle works best for your roof rack. Repeat these steps to get the desired angles for all 3 or 4 brackets.

L-Brackets before bending

L-Brackets after bending

L-Bracket with hardware. My hand is where it will attach to roof rack.

This is as far as I have gotten so far. I will be continuing this project this upcoming weekend (time allowing) and hope to have it done and ready to roll! I will post sizes for hardware (I forgot sizes currently but will measure and post). I of course will post my steps as I go…


The start…

I am just about to start on a bunch of projects…

-Homemade bike repair stand

-swapping frames from an ’10 to ’06 Rockhopper (’10 frame is too big for me, I found out)

-Finishing my Fixie

-Making a beer bottle cap table

-DIY fairing for a roof rack (proving to be quite a bit of thinking going into planning for this one)

I will be slowly but surely knocking them off the list…. so stay tuned