Early Mornin’ Ride

There is nothing like an early morning ride to get the heart pumping, blood running through your veins and the sweat dripping down your face. This morning I did a nice 28 miler while my girlfriend went for a long run. I was pretty much her “pace” car which entails mainly just carrying water for her and riding around in loops in the meantime. Even with that I got in a nice ride. I just enjoyed being out in the cool spring air even if it did mean I had to be her sherpa…


Along the way I found this sweet flower.

I regret not taking more pictures along the route but I was just trying to locate the other half (girlfriend) most of the time. I wish I could have taken a pic of this hill I conquered. It was ummm steep! I mean steeeeeep! For those of you who also live in the twin cities, it is the hill off Summit Ave that goes into Downtown St. Paul. It is rather steep. I will have to give it another go again soon (and take some pics this time…). Great training hill but I wouldn’t want to climb that too often.


First Road Ride

I went out for my First road ride of the year. Being in Minnesota make it a short riding season but I will take advantage of the warm weather so early in the year. I went out for a ride to downtown St. Paul (east side) from school on Summit Ave in St. Paul (west side). The trail goes right along the mighty Mississippi river the whole way making for a scenic ride. I went up to the U of M first to lengthen and enjoy my ride. Nothing like having people look at you like you are crazy when it is 48 degrees out and you are on a bike with bike shorts and a jersey.


27 miles

16.8 mph pace

Here are some photos that I took while on a quick break on the path by downtown.

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