Early Mornin’ Ride

There is nothing like an early morning ride to get the heart pumping, blood running through your veins and the sweat dripping down your face. This morning I did a nice 28 miler while my girlfriend went for a long run. I was pretty much her “pace” car which entails mainly just carrying water for her and riding around in loops in the meantime. Even with that I got in a nice ride. I just enjoyed being out in the cool spring air even if it did mean I had to be her sherpa…


Along the way I found this sweet flower.

I regret not taking more pictures along the route but I was just trying to locate the other half (girlfriend) most of the time. I wish I could have taken a pic of this hill I conquered. It was ummm steep! I mean steeeeeep! For those of you who also live in the twin cities, it is the hill off Summit Ave that goes into Downtown St. Paul. It is rather steep. I will have to give it another go again soon (and take some pics this time…). Great training hill but I wouldn’t want to climb that too often.


Evening Ride

Yesterday I went out for a nice evening ride along the Mississippi River then around to Lake Nakomis and back. It was a little on the windy side but nothing terrible. I almost ran into some people with the strong wind gusts but luckily no crashes!

I was out on my Allez and was loving every mile…

15 mile ride = pure bliss after a hard day studying

The Bikes… of course!

I almost forgot to show off the bike…

Being as that I have just found my passion and just started collecting and working on my own bikes, I only have a couple but better than nothing.



2010 Specialized Rockhopper M4 Comp Disc

2007 Specialized Allez Elite Triple

1973 Fuji Special Road converted to a Single Speed/Fixie (I will post some of the conversion later, just finished it this past week!)

19_ _ Raleigh Skyline Custom- this is the beater bike that I use to get around campus and around town for small items (will post pics soon)

199_ Schwinn Mesa- Inherited bike from the girlfriend as a commuter after my Hardrock got stolen… (will post pics soon for this one too)


Stolen: Use to have a 2005 Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc but it was stolen from under my dorm last year 😦

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