DIY Bike Stand Tray

So as I was looking at the bike stands online, I came up with another idea… A bike repair stand tray


Mechanics use trays to hold tools, parts, coffee, anything they need really.


Here is how I made mine…


Tools List:


-Finishing nails or regular nails (depends on the look you want)

-Saw to cut wood


Parts List:

-Piece of plywood (size depends on how big you would like the tray, I found a scrap piece I had kicking around that is about 18″ long and 9″ wide)

-Wood for edges (size depends on how deep you want the tray, I found scrap again and that was 1″x2″ high)

-1″ U-pole clamp (hint: found in the electrical section of Home Depot)


I cut the plywood down to size that I wanted. I then drilled a 1″ hole about 1″ in from the back and in the centered the hole. Once I drilled that, I tested it for size on the 60″ rigid pipe. Hint: if it is too big, put duct tape around the pole and slide the tray over that! Once you see that it fits, Pull it off and cut the edge pieces to proper length. Nail into side of plywood. Place the U-clamp in position of how high you want the tray to sit. Tighten the U-clamp and slide tray over the top so it sits on the U-clamp. And… DONE! Quick and simple yet very useful (and it save the back!).

Top view: notice how I used duct tape to help shim around the hole of the tray

U-Clamp (found in electrical section of Home Depot) which the tray just sits on

Another view of the tray top and edges


Remember to post pics of YOURS!!


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